Professional Qualifications for Janet Stotler, EA DBA JS Associates

This page will answer questions about my licensing, experience and knowledge

Professional Employment and Licensing History

I started out professional life as a financial accountant in 1977. (BS from SDSU Magna Cum Laude). Years later, when I decided I wanted to open my own bookkeeping practice instead of continuing to work for someone else, I decided that I should become a Tax Professional first in order to complement the accounting.

As many of us do, I started out preparing taxes with H&R Block in 1992. I started my business in 1994 and became an Enrolled Agent in 1995. I also provide QuickBooks consulting services.

Keeping up with the Tax Law’s

As an Enrolled Agent I am required to take a minimum of 72 hours of education each 3 year renewal cycle with 2 hours of ethics each year in order to keep my license. I usually take about 3 times the amount of education required because I feel that you cannot know too much and I feel a deep commitment to my clients to be sure I have the knowledge to properly serve them.

In addition to the education I get credit for, I also subscribe to 3 different tax research services and receive tax publications from 5 different sources multiple times a month for both Federal and State tax law development, related court cases and in depth articles on current tax law. The tax law is so big, it is impossible to know everything and being able to do research when a client has a unique situation is imperative since I am all about doing taxes right.

Professional Memberships and Credentials

  • License: Enrolled Agent: License # 57999
  • Member: National Association of Tax Preparers
  • Member: National Association of Enrolled Agents

Service Commitment

In addition to my professional qualifications, I also bring to my clients something that is not often found these days.  Pride in my work. Producing a high quality service is of utmost importance to me personally aside from the continued goodwill of my clients. I take the time to get to know you and your financial situation so that I can help you plan for the future in order to take advantage of all the tax favored options available to you. I am available all year long for consultations or urgent matters.

What is an Enrolled Agent Anyway?

Enrolled Agents are tax professionals that are licensed by the IRS. It might surprise you to know that there are only 4 states that license their tax preparers. In most states, anyone can hang out their shingle and prepare taxes.

We are licensed to prepare returns for any State and for any Business entity type. However, Many of us, including myself, specialize because it is not practical to keep up to date with all the tax laws for every type of return. See my Services page for more on that.

Here is a link that will tell you a lot more about Enrolled Agents and how they compare to CPA’s and other Tax Professionals. https://taxexperts.naea.org/content/what-is-an-enrolled-agent.html

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