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Welcome to My Website!

I have provided a lot of information in these pages so that you can decide if I might be the Tax Professional for you.

In addition to this page, please check out the Qualifications, Services, Security, and Testimonial pages. Not to mention the great resources provided as well.

Please call or e-mail me if you have any questions or want to set up an appointment. Special procedures are in place due to Covid. Most appointments will be drop off or digital. In the interest of data security, any documents sent to me must be sent through my secure client portal not through email. It’s safer for you too. You will need to contact me to have an account set up.

Choosing a Tax Professional

I recognize that choosing a Tax Professional to work with is not an easy task. There is no doubt that the Professional and Client needs to be a good “fit” in order to have a successful long term relationship. There are lots of factors involved from the clients point of view. I name a few below that may be important to you.

Are they honest?
Are they licensed?
Are they professional?
Are they experienced and knowledgeable?
Will they be there for me when I need them?
Will they not only take care of me but care about me?
Will they advise me of strategies to legally lower my tax bill in the future?
Will they work hard to find every legal way of lowering my tax this year?
Will they keep me up to date on new tax laws that may affect me in the future?

The answer to all of these questions is “Yes” at JS Associates.

At JS associates, I see every client as an individual and not as just an addition to my bottom line. I am committed to providing the same level of service to every client no matter how simple or complex their return is. In fact, I really appreciate the “little guy” because I am a little guy, too. I try to keep my fees at a level that makes them affordable for the average Joe. I happen to that think every individual (and business too) who needs to have professional level service should be able to afford to have it so that they don’t end up making costly mistakes by doing things themselves and then compounding the fallout by trying to fix it themselves.

Statement of Ethics

My focus is on providing quality services at a fair price. Quality means doing things right. I believe my job is to keep clients out of trouble not get them out of trouble. I believe that every tax return and every set of books should be done as if you knew you were going to be audited. Doing it right means you don’t have to worry even if you do get audited.

Even though I believe in only taking deductions that are allowed and reporting all the income, I also don’t think either the State or the Federal Governments should get one more penny than they are legally entitled to. I work hard to find as many deductions as I can for the current year and can advise you on strategies to keep more of your money next year.

Available Discounts

As part of my quest to help keep services affordable, I offer the following discounts:

New Clients: 10% first year
Military and First Responders:15% every year. My way of saying “thank you” for your service. Retired too!
Referrals: $15 off your return for each referral you send me that results in a completed paid for return.